Reading Material

On-line Resources

The textbooks and sites listed below are (generally) available online for free (sometimes for everybody and sometimes via the U of Illinois library). You are free to purchase physical copies of the books listed below. However, note that we will generally try to reference sections in the online textbook.

This is selection. We will not cover everything in all books, but having access to a wider selection is preferable over a single author.

Title URL Author
The Unix Workbench Sean Kross
The Simple Git Guide Roger Dudler
Happy Git With R Jenny Bryan, Jim Hester, et al
An Introduction to R William N. Venables, David M. Smith and the R Core Team
The Art of R Programming Norman Matloff
The R Inferno Patrick Burns
R for Data Science and Garrett Grolemund and Hadley Wickham
R Packages and Hadley Wickham
ggplot2 (2nd ed) Hadley Wickham
Advanced R Programming (2nd ed) Hadley Wickham
Hands-on Programming with R Garret Grolemund
R Programming for Research Brooke Anderson and Rachel Severson
Practical Data Science with R Nina Zumel and John Mount
R for Everyone (2nd ed) Jared Lander
Parallel Computing for Data Science Norman Matloff
fasteR: Fast Lane to Learning R! Norman Matloff