General Points

We expect the “deliverable” to be a GitHub repo with the code as well as several short (Markdown) writeups covering

  • the (initial, short) project proposal (before the work is done), typically in the initial file
  • a project report and description detailing what was accomplished, i.e. a normal length “paper” describing in some detail the setup, methods, data, results, conclusions, suggestions, …
  • a short project description “lightning talk” on presentation day (i.e. about five or six slides)
  • a peer evaluation on the project (“who did what”)

along with the final presentation recording (and see Presentations for details on that).

We expect you to do a substantial amount of work on this which should be on the order of several homework assignments. By working as a team you should be able to accomplish something fairly interesting and challenging. The grade will be reflective of the accomplished work, its technical difficulty, and the overall (written) report and (oral) presentation.

You should be able to get to an ‘excellent’ grade working as a team given an interesting question or data set and a sufficient amount of work to do something non-trivial with it.